Film AM Wedding Process
Booking a company to film your wedding video can be a very daunting task. You have watched all the videos, been to the wedding fairs and bought all the magazines, yet no one has told you what is actually going to happen on the day of your wedding video. Well, Film AM are here to remove any confusion or little questions you might have about the process. We are going to brake down every little step to help you understand the wedding video process from start to finish, which will leave you with a truly cinematic wedding video.

First step, we need to know a little bit about your wedding plans.

  1. Type of event.
  2. Roughly how many guest you are expecting.
  3. What film styles are you looking for in your film.
  4. Locations.
  5. Timing of events.

Once we have all of this information we can then recommend a video package that will be tailored to suite your event. You can watch some of our wedding videos here, if you find one you like it gives us a better understanding of the type of video would like. This will then allow us to compose a quote for your video. We will send this out as quickly as possible so you don’t get any nasty surprises or hidden costs at the end.

You’ve booked FilmAM weddings!

When booking we need a 50% deposit to secure your booking and final 50% is payable two weeks before your event. We never take on more than two weddings per day, this way you’re always getting the best out of us.

Now you’ve booked we head into the Pre-Production stage of your film; the fine-tuning of your day. A few things we always do at Film AM Weddings is assign your project a producer who is your port of call for every query for your film.

We will also come and meet you at your locations to do ‘recces’ which are in effect pre production meetings for logistical run downs of the event and positioning of certain elements etc. While all this is going on we want you to tell us what you want your final film to look like.

We tailor our cinematic films to your needs. If you want it heavily focused on your family we will do it.  Alternatively if you want us to make the whole film about your love for one another, not a problem!

We also determine how long you want each section and shoot accordingly on the day rather than leaving it to the edit suite.

If you wanted any pre-wedding material producing, this is the time to do it!

We offer pre-wedding film shoots, where we can create a short film to play before or during your wedding reception.

The day of the event! – The Shoot

Don’t worry. By this point we are fully informed and ready to go!

We will get contact details for people closest to you (Bridesmaids / Best Men) so that you can relax and enjoy your day.

We have purposefully invested in professional video and sound equipment with small form factors in order to be extremely unobtrusive so you won’t even notice we are there!

Your producer would have explained how we shoot and who will be doing what beforehand as we firmly believe that the more you understand about how we work, the more personal your film will be.

On the day we will be backing your footage up onto multiple hard drives as we shoot so that your film data is extra secure.

Henna Hand
Henna Hand

Now we move into Post–Production! – The Edit

We know by this point what you want your film to look like and we always get two editors to work on every project, that way we maximise creativity.

We create a Preview Edit (first cut) within 3 months of your last event. This is for you to watch at home and for you to give feedback on.  It will be as close to a final product as possible without your feedback.  Again we value your input throughout the process and strive to make bespoke films for every one of our clients.

Also at this time we produce your Trailer!

Feedback Time!

You have three months to give us a feedback. Give as much or as little as you like.

Feedback is everything that you feel you would like to tweak in you film. There may be a shot (or person!) you want removing or you may want to shorten or extend certain segments.  It is also common to want to try different songs for the edit.

We will amend the preview edit and send you back notes of what we have done and how in an email document.

We then move into producing you final DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs.

All Film AM Weddings footage is fully colour graded and sound mixing is performed. Your DVD’s and Blu-rays will have and interactive menus and chapters exactly like a Hollywood (or should we say Bollywood) film!

This is the point where you should get images from your photographer for your covers and discs. If you can’t provide images we can take screenshots from your wedding film although high res stills are always better.

Your Final Film

We normally expect to deliver your full final film within 4 – 6 weeks of receiving your feedback.

At this stage you have 14 days to inform us of any technical mistakes to your films.

After 14 days your films are consolidated.  We always keep copies of both your DVD’s and Blu-rays in our film library as well as all of your final exports on a dedicated hard-drive.  This enables us to provide you with more copies in the future should you wish.