What is your video style?

Our style is cinematic.  We use feature film techniques to create artistic and stylish wedding films.  We are unobtrusive in the way we work.  We avoid the use of lighting and use extremely compact cameras utilising long lenses meaning we can be further away from the main focal point.

Do you cover both the bride and grooms side?

Yes.  In addition due to the way we work we need to be the only film production company in attendance.

What area do you cover?

We are located in the both the Midlands (Nottingham) and in London.  We cover the whole country and can travel abroad.

What type of coverage do you offer?

We are extremely bespoke in what we provide.  We have several packages offering a variety of coverage with many optional extras. We are confident you will be able to choose an option that works well with your wedding schedule, style, and budget.

What type of equipment do you use?

We have invested heavily in the variety of equipment we use to achieve a dramatic and cinematic look. These include Sony XDCAM & full frame 35mm Canon DSLR camera, L Series prime lenses, Steadicam systems, Glidetrack camera sliders, camera cranes, broadcast audio equipment and much more high end production kit.

What type of video or film format do you use?

We have a tapeless workflow and our cameras capture footage digitally in full 1080p High Definition.  Footage is backed up on location on multiple hard drives and then moved onto RAID arrays at our post production facility.

How will the audio (sound) be captured?

We use a number of sound recording methods.  We use wireless microphones to capture the wedding vows during a Civil Ceremony or Ardas at a Milni Ceremony. We use Rode Shotgun Mics on our cameras to capture ambient sound throughout the event and Zoom digital field recorders for audio capture from live DJ feeds or PA systems for speeches.  We also offer the option of having a sound recordist on location for truly unparalled sound capture.

What type of lighting will you use?

We have purposefully invested in cameras and lenses that mean we do not need to use lighting.  The only time we will do so are in the most extreme conditions, such as filming a Doli when it is dark outside or a dance floor with virtually no light.  When we have no choice but to use lighting, we use it subtly purely to lift the shot slightly.

What insurance cover do you have?

We have an Entertainments Insurance Policy with a public liability insurance cover of £10,000,000.

How many other weddings will you be shooting on my wedding day?

We never shoot more than two weddings per weekend.  This is so that we maintain our standards and our editing turnaround times are achievable.

Will you coordinate with my photographer?

It is our pleasure to coordinate with your photographer and we actively seek to liaise with your photographer prior to and during the actual event.

Do you film in High Definition?

We film every event in High Definition and this gives you the option of upgrading to HD at anytime. In an age of high-definition television you want to be sure to invest in quality and receive the most up-to-date product you can.

How long is the wedding day film normally?

We have no set formula we follow and will edit each project individually.  An average wedding day film using a more comprehensive level of coverage will be anything from 1 hour to 4 hours long.

How many edit/proof stages do you have before the end result?

We will give you a first cut based extensively on our conversations during the planning process..  After viewing that first cut, you are welcome to make as many changes as you would like.  We will implement these changes and it is at this stage you have the option of sitting in with one of our editors to make any final tweaks.

Can we select our own music?

We welcome your music input throughout the process.

Do you include a highlights trailer?

Yes we will edit a highlights trailer that will be on both our website and your final film.

How long after the events will we receive the finished film?

Depending on how long it takes for you to give us feedback, we expect the entire process to take 3 months.

How do you safeguard footage?

This is something we take incredibly seriously.  We back all footage up on multiple hard-drives whilst out on location.  That footage is then backed up on multiple RAID arrays in our post production facility.  We also keep copies of project files at separate locations as an added level of safeguarding.

What are the copyright issues?

Where there are live performances from musicians at an event, it is the client’s responsibility to confirm beforehand whether you have their permission to film them.

How long afterwards do you keep our footage?

We will keep your entire project backed up on multiple RAID arrays for one year.  At that stage we will consolidate your project whilst still ensuring we have full HD master files of everything should you wish to purchase further copies.

How do I make a booking?

We would recommend you fill out an online enquiry form or alternatively call our main office number and speak with one of the team.